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Better character creation is out in Realms of Arkania patch

Realms of Arkania – Startrail – Update available. Create your own character in the fascinating world of Realms of Arkania. After the Early Access phase of Realms of Arkania – Startrail has succe...

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Realms of Arkania: Star Trail Remake Preview

REALMS OF ARKANIA: STAR TRAIL hits early access this month. Coming bound with the original pixel-art masterpiece, Crafty Studio's second remake promises dozens of spells, in-depth character creation, ...

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Realms of Arkania: Star Trail available today on Steam EA

The Early Access version of Realms of Arkania: Startrail releases today on Steam. Get into the world of Orcs, Dwarves and the mystic Salamander Stone. Get ready for thrilling hours in the world of one...