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Return To The Wasteland In Rage 2’s Second Update

The second update for Rage 2 has been released, bringing some much needed bug & glitch fixes, plus some new game modes. Despite the games cool reception, ID Software is steadfast in providing a stream...

Rage 2 Review (PS4)

Rage returns as players adorn the highly powered super-suit of a Ranger. Step into a hostile wasteland where anything and everything is trying to kill you. Learn new suit specific superpowers to decim...

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ID software wants to make RAGE 3

Despite being just released, id Software, the studio behind the Doom series, is already showing interest in a sequel to RAGE 2. The developer sees potential in the game franchise's setting. Just this ...

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Rage 2 Will Rain On The Borderlands 3 Parade

Rage 2 was recently announced and the two trailers released so far have been warmly received. This is pretty good cause for Gearbox software to at least be getting a little worried, especially after d...

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