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Quake Cheat Codes List Cover

Quake Cheat Codes List

Has the remaster of Quake got you rattling and rolling with rage? Well this Quake Cheat Codes guide has a comprehensive list of all the codes that work with the current version of the game! All tested...

Quake Remaster Update 2 Brings Horde Mode and Honey Addon

Quake Remaster Update 2 Adds Horde Mode + Honey Add-on

The Quake Remaster update 2 has just added Horde Mode to the game, alongside the new Honey add-on. Take on waves of enemies in Horde mode, or venture into a foggy village where a dark secret sleeps in...

Quake Gets Remaster for 25th Anniversary Cover

Quake Gets Remaster for 25th Anniversary

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the popular first-person shooter, Quake is re-released for current-gen platforms. The remaster of Quake not only includes an enhanced version of the original game,...