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Supergiant Games Announce Pyre’s Release Date

After releasing critically acclaimed games such as Transistor and Bastion, Supergiant Games reveals the release date for their newest game, Pyre. Pyre is coming this summer and pre-orders are available now. Ever since Pyre's initia...

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Watch Pyre’s gameplay footage from PAX East 2016

Teased a week before PAX East 2016, Pyre has finally got gameplay video. Almost 22 minutes long, the video will showcase Pyre's amazing visual style, locations, UI, and more. Teased a week before PAX East 2016, Pyre has finally got gameplay...

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Pyre is new game developed by Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games, the company known for Bastion and Transistor, has revealed their third game, Pyre. Pyre will be available in 2017. Like Transistor, it will launch simultaneously on Steam and the PlayStation 4. Supergiant Games, the compan...

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