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Top 10 Video Game Stories of All Time

Top 10 Video Game Stories of All Time

As games mature more as a medium, so does the ability of developers to tell great stories. With smarter writing, more three-dimensional characters, and better integration into gameplay, I decided to r...

Psychonauts 2 Physical Release Coming Soon

Psychonauts 2 is officially receiving a physical release in the Motherlobe edition. There will be not only a standard release but also a collectors edition of the game and a standard and collectors ed...

Psychonauts 2 Review Cover

Psychonauts 2 Review: A Mind-Bending Therapy Session (PS4)

In Psychonauts 2, Razputin Aquato, psychic spy in training, must venture into the minds of the most powerful psychics in the world to solve a mystery that might be much closer to home than anyone susp...

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