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Was IGN wrong to give Prey a 4.0?

When Dan Stapleton of IGN gave the PC version of Arkane's Prey a 4.0, a debate exploded online regarding scores, bugs and when a game is reviewable. I take a look at some of these arguments and give m...

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PREY Review (PS4)

All I do each night is Prey, hoping Ken Levine will make Bioshock games again one day. An interesting premise and extremely well-executed world building are brought crashing down by off-putting contro...

6 Fair
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Prey’s soundtrack is now available to buy and stream

Get your headphones out because the original soundtrack for upcoming video game prey is now available to buy and stream. Bethesda has announced that the full original soundtrack for Prey is now a...

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Prey has a new demo and trailer

Can you fight the invasion? The new Prey reboot has received a free demo on all platforms as well as a trailer accompanying the demo. Bethesda have released a free demo for Prey on all platf...

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Prey (2006) Review

The original Prey spent ten years as vaporware before finally dropping in 2006, where it received many critical accolade despite poor overall sales. Now, with a reboot on the horizon that throws out p...

8.1 Great
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New gameplay trailer for Prey shown at Game Awards

Arkane Studios have showcased gameplay in Prey in their new trailer shown at The Game Awards 2016. Arkane Studios have showed off a new gameplay trailer for Prey at The Game Awards 2016.  Ar...

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