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Tennis in the Face Review (Switch)

Tennis in the Face's slogan of "This is no Wimbledon," is sure right. Less grand slam, more grand disappointment, Tennis in the Face is a basic mobile port that doesn't try to do much more than its iO...

5 Average
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Pillars of Eternity Review (PS4)

In the same fashion as classic isometric RPGs like Baldur's Gate, a new title has established itself as a top notch experience. Following a story of torment, hatred, suffering, loss of hope, and the c...

9 Amazing
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Tennis in the Face Review (Xbox One)

Tennis in the Face, what is there to really say about it? While it may look extraordinarily basic, this article takes a look further into the game and shows what you can expect from the game. InTRODUC...

7 Good

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