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Otherland – MMO based on novels by Tad Williams is out

Otherland Free-to-Play: Official Launch of the Commercial. The Open Beta phase has finished. The game is out with valuable contribution from the community. Hamburg, September 9, 2016 – ...

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Otherland – The Gathering Trailer

Otherland - The Gathering Trailer. Watch it. It was maybe already published many months ago during the former development if we recall it correctly but the trailer is nice. That's for sure.

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Otherland – closed beta has started

Otherland - closed beta has started. DRAGO-Entertainment studio has announced that you can begin to register for another closed beta of the ressurected development of Otherland MMO.

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Otherland – development ressurected?

Otherland - development ressurected? It is unbelievable but it is true. Otherland MMO game based on the famous books from Tad Williams is again in development. At least it seems from the very short te...