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8 Ways To Make Money In No Man’s Sky

Having trouble making money in No Man's Sky? Try this handful of tips to help you along! Here you will find some of the most tried and true methods of reliably generating both Units and Nanites that c...

First Impressions: The Origins Update Takes No Man’s Sky to New Heights

Thinking about jumping on No Man's Sky after the new Origins update? Check out these first impressions from a veteran player! From new planet types to new lifeforms, Hello Games has gone with the kitc...

No Man's Sky Update Origins Coming Next Week

No Man’s Sky Update “Origins” Coming Next Week

A new No Man's Sky update, called "Origins", is coming next week. Although the game's developer Hello Games hasn't specified what's coming, Origins will be another of the major updates that have come ...

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How To Farm Nanites In No Man’s Sky: Desolation

Are you a lazy Traveller? Do you want to know how to farm Nanites with the least effort possible? Look no further; you're covered! Use this guide to help you learn a method to idly farm Nanites in No ...

No Man’s Sky Is Heading To Xbox Game Pass

Via an Xbox Wire blog post, No Man's Sky is heading to Xbox Game Pass in June. The Microsoft Store is getting a Windows 10 PC version of No Man’s Sky as well. No Man's Sky launched on PC and PS4 in 20...

No Man’s Sky: Beyond Update Announced

Since its release back in the summer of 2016, Hello Games' No Man's Sky has been receiving updates that have significantly changed the game over time. Following the last update, Abyss, the developer a...

Sean Murray talks about the No Man’s Sky Visions update

Several weeks after the Abyss update, Hello Games founder, Sean Murray talks about the changes that are coming to the planet surfaces of No Man's Sky in the latest free update. In a PlayStation blog p...

No Man’s Sky: The Abyss Update Is Now Live

No Man's Sky now brings aquatic exploration to all travellers with "The Abyss" update. The launch trailer teases a darker, eerie new narrative and introduces tools and resources to help players explor...

No Man’s Sky NEXT Review

No Man's Sky has had quite its fair share of ups and downs, mainly downs if you ask most gamers out there. The game that disappointed many players and seemed to fail to live up to its promises seemed ...

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