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NieR: Automata on Game Pass Improved Over Steam Version

NieR: Automata on Game Pass Improved Over Steam Version

The newly released Game Pass PC version of NieR: Automata has been improved over the existing Steam version, which suffered from many major technical problems. Poor frame rates, incorrect resolution s...

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NieR: Automata Ships 1.5 Million Copies Worldwide

According to a Tweet by Square Enix, the niche sequel has shipped over 1.5 million combined physical and digital copies internationally. Cosplay by fenixfatalistSquare Enix has revealed today via Twit...

Nier: Automata Review

A game about sexy badass female robots hacking and slashing around? Sign me up! It seems like a generic action game at first glance, but Nier: Automata is so much more than that. Read below to find ou...

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Nier: Automata’s bizarre DLC includes the ultimate boss

NieR: Automata's first DLC is looking to be weird in all sorts of ways. A new trailer for the DLC, entitled 3C3C1D119440927, reveals colosseums, costumes, and combatable CEOs. A new trailer for NieR: ...

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Nier: Automata – The Ethics of Paying for PS4 Trophies

Platinum Game's new PlayStation 4 exclusive, Nier: Automata, allows players to buy Trophies they haven't earned with in-game currency. What are the ethics behind this, and what kind of nasty and unfor...

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Nier: Automata – new story-driven trailer unveiled

Glory to mankind! New trailer exploring the story of NieR: Automata available now. LONDON (13th February 2017) Square Enix Ltd., today unveiled a brand new story-driven trailer to introduce fans ...

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Nier: Automata Preview (PS4)

Slick and stylish, NieR: Automata is an action RPG set in a distant future in which invading robots have forced mankind to abandon their homeworld in favour of the moon. Taking control of the lethal a...

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Nier: Automata demo goes live on December 22nd

On December 22, the consumer demo of the highly anticipated title NieR: Automata will be available on the PlayStation Network. With an abandoned factory as the backdrop, the demo follows android 2B’s ...

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NieR: Automata getting playable demo and collector’s edition

Square Enix announced yesterday that their highly anticipated sequel will be getting a playable demo by the end of the year for the Japanese market and a collector's edition that will launch alongside...

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