Why Monster Hunter World’s Progression System is One of the Best

Monster Hunter World has one of the best progression systems in video games. It always feels like you're making progress towards something new. With this article, we intend to examine the elements that make it so effective among the wide ca...

5 Best Monsters Added with Iceborne (Plus One that Should Be Added)

What are some of the best new monsters included in the Iceborne expansion? Let's take a look at some of the new additions to this very robust expansion to Monster Hunter World. Plus, I'll detail a new monster that I'd like to see included b...

11 Essential Monster Hunter World Phrases For Beginners

Monster Hunter: World is a much more accessible game when compared to the previous game in the series. With that being said, its still by no means a casual game that requires knowledge of its various systems and careful preparation for each...

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Monster Hunter: World – Why you should be excited

It's one big reveal after another with Capcom's latest, and flashiest iteration of Monster Hunter. The series is massive in Japan but, for one reason or another, has never made a big splash in the West. Until now of course. Here's why you s...

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