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MediEvil Launch Trailer

MediEvil Remake Launch Trailer is Live

The remake of MediEvil is finally available for PlayStation 4 users, and we also have been brought back to life (rather, brought back to the 90s), with the Launch Trailer that came with it. Whether yo...

MediEvil: comprehensive trophy list

MediEvil: Comprehensive Trophy List

A comprehensive MediEvil trophy list for all those trophies hunters out there. Return and liberate the land of Gallowmere, in the way only a 100% completionist can. Check out our comprehensive MediEv...

MediEvil remake gets an announcement trailer!

Rise, Sir Dan.....RIIIIISE! 20 years after MediEvil was released for the original PlayStation, Other Ocean Interactive have resurrected Sir Daniel Fortesque to relive his undead adventure on PS4. Medi...

MediEvil Remastered Update Coming Soon

Late last year, Sony announced a remaster of the classic PlayStation game, MediEvil would be on the way. The teaser was brief, showing just a quick animation of the game’s logo. Since that time, very ...

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