Marvel's Avengers was let down by its own marketing

Marvel’s Avengers Was Let Down by Its Own Marketing

Marvel's Avengers' marketing was a let down to the final release delivered, and misled players about its biggest strengths, highlighting its most egregious features. Square Enix promoted a multiplayer game-as-a-service; but its strongest as...

Marvel’s Avengers Quiz: Are You Earth’s Mightiest Quiztaker?

Marvel’s Avengers Quiz: Are You Earth’s Mightiest Quiztaker?

Think you’re the biggest Avengers fan? Put your knowledge to the test. To celebrate Marvel’s Avengers releasing, take this quiz that spans the whole Avengers history. This quiz will show how well versed you are in Avengers lore. The Avenger...

5 Characters We Want In Marvel’s Avengers Initiative DLC

With Spider-Man and Hawkeye joining the fray, let's explore 5 other DLC characters that would make Marvel's Avengers even better. These characters will be based on what they bring to the table in terms of gameplay and story. In a catalog fu...

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