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Square Enix Reveals Losses of M on Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix Reveals Losses of $48M on Marvel’s Avengers

Square Enix reports serious losses from Marvel's Avengers as it underperforms. According to one industry analyst, the game has sold only 3 million copies, making it not reach high enough to generate r...

marvels avengers review ps4 cover

Marvel’s Avengers Review: Super Heroes In Need Of A Savior (PS4)

Originally revealed in early 2017, Marvel's Avengers was showcased right on time. The Avengers films were the hottest topic on the lips of all of society. Fans hoped that Crystal Dynamics could delive...

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Marvel's Avengers was let down by its own marketing

Marvel’s Avengers Was Let Down by Its Own Marketing

Marvel's Avengers' marketing was a let down to the final release delivered, and misled players about its biggest strengths, highlighting its most egregious features. Square Enix promoted a multiplayer...

Marvel’s Avengers Quiz: Are You Earth’s Mightiest Quiztaker?

Marvel’s Avengers Quiz: Are You Earth’s Mightiest Quiztaker?

Think you’re the biggest Avengers fan? Put your knowledge to the test. To celebrate Marvel’s Avengers releasing, take this quiz that spans the whole Avengers history. This quiz will show how well vers...

Marvel's Avengers Trophies and Achievements List Complete Cover

Marvel’s Avengers Trophies and Achievements List Complete

Some of the world's greatest superheroes are set to save the world once more. In doing so, they are providing 51 trophies and achievements for gamers to gather and save their collections from getting ...

Each Post-Launch Hero in Marvel’s Avengers Will Have a $10 Battle Pass

Whilst every launch hero will have all of their rewards unlocked, any hero that gets added to Marvel's Avengers post-launch will need to have their premium awards unlocked with real money. In a length...

5 Characters We Want In Marvel’s Avengers Initiative DLC

With Spider-Man and Hawkeye joining the fray, let's explore 5 other DLC characters that would make Marvel's Avengers even better. These characters will be based on what they bring to the table in term...

Crystal Dynamic Head Responds to Spider-Man Controversy

Crystal Dynamics Head Responds to Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man Controversy

Marvel's Avengers has sparked controversy due to the PlayStation exclusive deal to have Spider-Man, now Crystal Dynamics responds to the controversy. Due to Sony owning the rights to the character, Xb...

Spider-Man Is Swinging Into Marvels Avengers Cover

Spider-Man Is Swinging Into Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel's Avengers has introduced Spider-Man as one of their post-launch DLC heroes. This will come in 2021 at no additional cost, like Hawkeye and any of their other DLCs. It's currently uncertain whe...

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