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Landmark – Developers asking for a feedback on latest patch

Having been patched recently, Landmark has a lot of changes to surprise players that are not keeping up with the latest news about the game. Having been patched recently, Landmark has a lot of changes...

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Massive Landmark patch has been released

In preparation for the title's full launch, the developers of Landmark have released a huge patch featuring many changes. The patch is huge and has a lot of content in it. From now on, there is a new ...

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Landmark – PvE update delayed until Wednesday

Landmark - PvE update delayed until Wednesday. Many of you are impatiently waiting for the PvE patch but unfortunately David Georgeson tweeted today that there must be a delay and the patch ...

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Landmark – last update info

Landmark - last update info. What's in the latest update? There are some nice improvements. The Keyword System Items are now very interesting to build because particular properties are associated...

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Landmark – AI game-changer?

Landmark - AI game-changer? Really? We will see... What's going to happen December 10th? Mobs should be implemented in the game. MJ Guthrie talks about this AI implementation so ardently that you...

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Landmark – Steam sale

Landmark - Steam sale. Landmark has great sales on Steam starting today and ends Tuesday at 10:0‌0 A‌M PD‌T! You can check it on Steam and grab your chosen pack with 66% discount.

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