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Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando take a stand in Jump Force

The main protagonist Jotaro Kujo, and antagonist Dio Brando of Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, finally join the roster! Both of them enter the fight with their stands called Star Platinum and The World. They have been ...

Dai from Dragon Quest officially confirmed for Jump Force

Dai from the hit Shonen Manga Dragon Quest, has been officially revealed for Jump Force! He was previously leaked in an advertisement for the game, along with Jotaro Kujo. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is a new series that never had a ...

Asta from Black Clover slices into Jump Force

Jump Force has added not only a new character, but a new series as well! Asta from the new hit anime and manga, Black Clover, joins the roster. Asta was confirmed via Weekly Shonen Jump magazine scans. Jump Force has added yet another ...

Ruroni Kenshin and more Dragonball characters in Jump Force

The Ruroni Kenshin hero and villain join the battle! Accompanying them is the namekian warrior Piccolo, and the perfect android Cell! More pictures giving a more in depth look at avatar customization have been shown as well. The upcoming ...

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