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Ion Fury Review: A Positively Charged Ride of Retro Raucousness (PS4)

Following on from her 2016 debut, Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison hits the big time with Ion Fury; the latest first-person shooter from 3D Realms - creators of the infamous Duke Nukem franchise. Ion Fury ...

8 Great

Ion Fury: Complete Trophies and Achievements List

3D Realms' newest shooter, Ion Fury, has a set of 30 trophies and achievements locked away in its armoury. We'll give you the details here! Your mission is to kick all the ass necessary to earn them a...

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Ion Fury Review

Bombshell is back to kick ass and drink beer, and she's all out of beer. Ion Fury reintroduces the baddest bitch in this '90s-inspired Build Engine-style FPS. Bullets, bombs, blood, and booze abound i...

9 Amazing
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