Human: Fall Flat Online Multiplayer Update Review (Switch)

How do you make a quirky, physics base game like Human Fall Flat even more quirky? Online multiplayer of course which the dev added in the latest update. How does this affect the game and its already ...

8 Great

Human: Fall Flat Review (Switch) | Physical Fun

Time to go on an adventure with Bob as he explores dreamlike worlds. The only catch is, he has to work with "real world physics." Throw in some open and smart level design with plenty of puzzles, and ...

8 Great
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Human: Fall Flat Review

Take control of Bob, a character more wobbly than Scooby Doo’s knees, in ragdoll 3D puzzler Human: Fall Flat. Grab and yank your way around the environments, with each level testing your resourcefulne...

7.8 Good