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Hover: Revolt of The Gamers Review (PS4)

Hover is a strongly stylised free running game, set in a Rick And Morty-esque world. As a member of the Gamer Rebellion, it’s the player’s job to have as much fun as possible in protest to the state’s...

5 Average
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Hover: Revolt of the Gamers Review

Run, slide, grind, and leap across and up the changing futuristic city in Hover: Revolt of the Gamers! Like an online Jet Set Radio, you'll be able to explore the towering city with friends, strangers...

7.8 Good

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers Preview

Are you a fan of neon-esque Tron architecture? Ever heard of Jet Set Radio Future? If any of those mentions bring a warm feeling to your heart be sure to check out Hover: Revolt Of Gamers. It blends b...

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