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Agent 47 gets spooky in Hitman 2's October roadmap

Hitman 2 October Roadmap Revealed

Hitman 2 celebrates Halloween with an October roadmap full of suitably spooky, murderous hijinks. Completing these new challenges will unlock some deadly weaponry, including an antique lethal syringe & kiwi bird explosive. The creepy capers...

Agent 47 gets spooky in Hitman 2's October roadmap

Agent 47 Goes on Vacation in the Hitman 2 September Roadmap

Hitman 2 is celebrating September with a month of tropical challenges, including a brand new location called Haven island. The Maldives-inspired island will act as Agent 47's new deadly playground & has three targets for the silent assassin...

Hitman 2 August roadmap revealed

Hitman 2 August Roadmap Revealed

There is plenty of new (and old) content coming to Hitman 2 this month. In the Hitman 2 August roadmap, Agent 47 will once again travel around the globe, eliminating targets, both new & familiar. The action begins August 1st with the Simmon...

IO Interactive confirms work on Hitman 3 & new IP

IO Interactive Teases Work On Hitman 3 & New IP

In a brand new documentary, made by Danny O'Dwyer's Noclip, IO interactive discusses what they're up up to and how the studio is expanding its reach. The developer may return to an episodic format in a future Hitman game. An new IP may also...

Hitman 2

IO Interactive Reveals Hitman 2 July Roadmap

IO Interactive has outlined the July roadmap for Hitman 2. Player's will be returning to some memorable locations with whole new objectives and targets. The action starts July 4th with the Babayeva dissonance escalation. IO Interactive co...

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