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Hades Infernal Arms Header

Hades: Infernal Arms Ranked

Spoiled for choice with the Hades infernal arms? Here's an examination of Zagreus's arsenal attempting to rank the overall effectiveness of his weapons. The rankings will evaluate the weapons as a whole, not individual aspects or any partic...

Hades Sequel Changes We'd Like To See - Header

Hades Sequel: Changes We’d Like to See

If you are among the fans hoping for a follow-up to Supergiant Games' hit roguelike, then see how these Hades sequel changes could improve the series. With even more myths and characters still available, explore how the well of Hades is far...

Hades and the Dance of Death in Roguelikes

The inevitable cycle of death and rebirth in roguelikes is a tough sell for many players, but Hades masterfully dodges this classic problem. Between delightful characterisation of NPCs, the gradual reveal of plot details and a meaningful se...