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Gravity Rush 2 Gets NieR: Automata Costume DLC

The previously teased crossover costume will let users dress Kat like YoRHa 2B and will be made available with and without 2B’s iconic visor. A western release for the DLC is currently unknown. Sony ...

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Gravity Rush 2 Review (PS4)

Defy laws of physics and gravitate toward fun times with Gravity Rush 2. A charming and lighthearted package that doubles down on the good but also on the bad of the first game. Introduction The origi...

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Gravity Rush 2 has gone gold

Way ahead of its release date, PS4 exclusive Gravity Rush 2 has gone gold. Gravity Rush 2 doesn't release until 18th January in Europe and 20th January in North America, however, the game has alr...

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