Insider claims GTA IV & Red Dead Redemption remasters were scrapped

Rockstar Insider Claims GTA IV remaster was scrapped

After months of rumors, TezFunz, a credible Rockstar Insider, claims that Rockstar originally had plans for GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption remasters. But after the critical release of GTA: The Trilogy remaster, Rockstar decided "not to proc...

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Some Music Is Being Removed From GTA IV

Despite the classic title nearly being ten years old, some of the music from the game is due to be removed as a result of expired licenses. The same fate has been suffered by multiple Grand Theft Auto titles, as seen in San Andreas on its a...

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Grand Theft Auto IV receives first patch in six years

GTA IV receives a patch after six years since it's latest update. This article will go over the patches and updates made to the Rockstar third-person shooter. The dearly beloved GTA IV has had it's latest patch released. This is the fi...