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God of War gets its own comicbook series

God of War Is Getting A Comic Book Series

Sony has teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to make a God of War comic book. The comic will bridge the gap between the gory ending of God of War 3 and the beginning of the masterful 2018 soft reboot. Yo...

God of War: How to Beat the Valkyrie Queen

Here's the Kratos-Atreus build and strategy you'll need to beat the God of War Valkyrie Queen. God of War's release feels like a long time ago now, but that doesn't make the game's optional and most d...

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Five More God Of Wars Games Planned

Cory Barlog, the creator of the recent God of War title, has stated there are at least five more games planned for the hugely successful God of War franchise. This should not come as much of a surpris...

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God Of War Secretly Holds Infinity War Easter Egg

The newest God Of War title and the recently released Avengers: Infinity War have been making millions within the last few weeks. It would make sense then that there would be some nice crossover or Ea...

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God of War Review (PS4)

God of War is a story about family and grief fused with all the epic brutality audiences have come to expect. It surprises the player at every turn. That in itself makes this masterpiece from Santa Mo...

9.5 Amazing
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God Of War Limited Edition Bundle Revealed

The release of the PS4 exclusive, God of War, is swiftly approaching. It stands as Sony's first major title of the year, and is the first new entry in the God of War franchise in five years. To celebr...

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God of War Text Game out now on Facebook (with impressions)

Sony has kept their relationship with Facebook strong by releasing 'A Call From The Wilds', a new text-based adventure out now for Messenger. Sony has kept their relationship with Facebook strong by r...

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God Of War PS4 Aims For Documentary Approach

Sony Santa Monica recently explained why they opted for no camera cuts and a new camera scheme for God of War PS4. Apparently, the developers are trying to emulate a documentary approach as they striv...

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Update On God of War’s Camera Usage

God of War Creative Game Director, Cory Barlog, was interviewed once again regarding the highly-anticipated new adventure starring Kratos. He suggested that the player won't always have control of the...

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