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Furi Review (Switch)

The jailer is the key, kill him and you'll be free... You've been locked up for quite some time now and it's time to finally unleash your wrath on the guardians who are keeping you trapped. It won't b...

9 Amazing
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Furi – PS4 limited edition and OST are out

Furi PS4 physical disc limited edition by Limited Run Games and the CD of Furi’s soundtrack have been released. Furi PC collector box set available this week. The Limited Run Games physical editi...

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Furi Review

Learn to be patient with this incredibly tough game and you'll find there's something rather special waiting for you. Creatively designed and surprisingly unique, Furi manages to make every fight feel...

8 Great
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Furi Gets Release Date on Xbox One

Twinstick shooter/hacker Furi will soon be coming to the Xbox One console. The game has received a lot of praise since its debut back in July. Developer The Game Bakers have sweetened the pot even mor...

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Game Bakers celebrate Furi’s first month with presents

The Game Bakers celebrate Furi’s first month with presents and more! Get Free Wallpapers, Avatars and Profile Pictures Plus Discount Prices on T-Shirts, Poster and Album for Top Achievers! Montpellier...