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For Honor Public Test Out Now, Changes Guard Break

For Honor Public Test Out Now, Changes Guard Break

For Honor's close combat system has been relatively untouched for most of the past six years, and this week, Ubisoft decided to release a new update tailored to changing the Guard Break, a core mechan...

For Honor Invaded by Raving Rabbids for April Fools

The disturbing, screaming little freaky Rabbids invaded For Honor during April Fools today. The Rabbids replaced the standard NPC minions that appear during Dominion mode, took over in-game commentary...

Is For Honor Historically Accurate?

Are you ready to take an adventure through time? Put on your armor and don't forget your polearm, because Joe Payne is here and is giving us a full rundown on For Honor: its weapons, heroes, and most ...

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For Honor Receives Dedicated Servers on Consoles

For Honor will be receiving it's own dedicated servers for console players beginning today. This comes one month after PC players received their own dedicated servers. These new servers will be much s...

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For Honor Review (PS4)

For Honor is a visceral and exhilarating melee-based multiplayer experience like no other. Take on the role of the knight, viking, or samurai and face off against other players to the death. Players c...

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For Honor to add more warriors

The blood of its first victims is scarcely dry and For Honor is already set to increase the number of fighters in their war. Those who feared that the game might not offer enough variety to keep thing...

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For Honor’s first patch shakes things up

Ubisoft has provided ample opportunity for their players to test their latest game. The community has spoken and Ubisoft listened. Here are the details surrounding For Honor's first patch, warriors re...

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Ubisoft says sorry with special For Honor event

A recent server outage at Ubisoft made their latest release, For Honor, inaccessible to its many fans. Ubisoft felt the outrage of their players after the game was offline for a full weekend and now l...

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For Honor Launch Trailer

For Honor is finally out! And what better way to celebrate that fact than to release a brand new trailer, just for launch! Valentine's Day has brought us the release of a certain Ubisoft title For...

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