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Endless Space 2 update makes major changes to game

Amplitude Studios is well known for creating visually beautiful games that have a certain depth to them. Not only that, but they're well known for keeping the community well informed and active participants in that process. Endless Space 2 ...

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United Empire now Available in Endless Space 2

While they're certainly no strangers to the Endless Space universe, The United Empire has returned for its latest installment of the award winning franchise from Amplitude Studios with a fresh look and an iron will to compete for control of...

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Endless Space 2 fan faction contest over

It's been a long road but Amplitude Studios has finally wrapped up the fan made faction contest for Endless Space 2. Now we're able to see the final result of the fans labors and what'll be joining the already diverse cast of Amplitude's la...

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Endless Space 2 faction contest enters final stages

With a deadline only 3 days away, the faction creation contest for Amplitude Studios latest game is quickly coming to an end. But what will the end result look like? We've been through the game design, we've been through the physi...

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New videos detailing insight into Endless Space 2 factions

As Endless Space 2 opens for Early Access on Steam Amplitude Studio's has rewarded us with two videos adding additional insight into what exactly we can expect from the game. Things have been pretty busy for Amplitude Studios in recent day...

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3 days left to vote for Endless Space 2 fanmade faction

With the sequel to the wildly popular game Endless Space only four days away, time is running out for you to vote in the much anticipated fan-made faction creation contest. The clock is ticking for fans of Amplitude Studios and their hit se...

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