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Online VR MMO Dual Universe raises $7.4 million

Independent game developer Novaquark has announced that they had received $3.7 million in funding from private investors to bring their flagship MMO title, Dual Universe, to a total funding amount of ...

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Dual Universe successfully funded on Kickstarter

Dual Universe Meets Goal and Finishes as Third Most Funded Video Game Kickstarter Campaign in 2016. Novaquark announces successful €565k Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming Sci-Fi MMORPG Dual Unive...

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Dual Universe – latest Dev diary and 75% milestone

Dual Universe is getting bigger each day. Recently, the game has passed one of its Kickstarter milestones as well as hit 7 000 subscribers on its YouTube channel. Dual Universe, a continuous single-sh...

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Dual Universe – Voxel Technology video and Kickstarter goal

Sci-Fi Sandbox MMORPG Dual Universe Releases New Video Featuring Voxel Technology to Celebrate Achieving Kickstarter Milestone. Video highlights the revolutionary voxel technology of the highly-antici...

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Kickstarter campaign launched for Dual Universe

Sci-fi sandbox MMORPG Dual Universe launches on Kickstarter today. Ambitious single shard massively multiplayer online game Dual Universe aims to remain independent with the support of the gaming comm...

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Dual Universe – multi-planet MMO in development

Dual Universe - multi-planet MMO in development. NOVAQUARK studio is trying hard to develop a unique sandbox MMO game. We all know how many attempts there were and how many have achived the goal. But ...

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