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Awesome Halo Wars 2 soundtrack releases tomorrow digitally

Halo Wars 2 Original Soundtrack (OST) is already out in retail. The Digital version of the OST releases tomorrow via various streaming services. For all of you out there craving for Halo music outside of the game, tomorrow is a special day....

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Halo Wars 2: Blitz Beta offers refreshing take on the RTS

The Halo Wars 2: Blitz beta showcases a new game mode one month from the release of the main game. With an emphasis on deck-building, light resource management, and rock-paper-scissors style units, the Blitz mode is a highly accessible and ...

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Driveclub will live on, but the head studio is closed

Evolution Studios, the head developer of the Driveclub game, has been closed. However, it is not the end of the game. It may be a shocking news for Driveclub fans, but Evolution Studios, the head developer of Driveclub, was closed by Sony y...

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Driveclub – DLC for free?

Driveclub - DLC for free? It's true. If you have bought the full version of the game then the premium DLC packs for November is going to be free for you! Evolution Studios wants to apologise by this step for all the problems after the ...

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Driveclub – Japan location

Driveclub - Japan location. In the following video you can catch a leaked information that Japan will be another location in the game. Just pause it after the 15:00 mark. The fact is that you will see there just a blank white space but let&...

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Driveclub – server woes remain

Driveclub - server woes remain. President of World Wide Studios has stepped in to apologize. He wrote on Facebook that he is truly sorry that players cannot enjoy everything the studio had hoped Driveclub would deliver. And what's even...

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Driveclub – performance server update

Driveclub - performance server update. Evolutions Studios said that there are going to be more improvements to its troubled game early next week. In the next 24 hours should be deployed a signicicant server update according to its Facebook ...

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Driveclub – possible player compensation?

Driveclub - possible player compensation? As you can see from these tweets, DriveClub's Game Director says that compensation could be one of the options on the table for the very problematic start of the game.

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Driveclub – online problems continue

Driveclub - online problems continue. Evolution studios is having a lot of problems with servers. They have released another server to increase the number of players racing and they are going to add more more servers soon. There are going t...

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