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Dreams Adds PSVR Support

Dreams, the creative juggernaut by Media Molecule is adding PSVR support later this month. Along with compatibility with the PlayStation VR headset, a ton of free content and new features will also be...

DREAMS: The video game that created itself

Dreams is a game that gives players tools to create their own video games. But did you know the tools in the game, was made by the game itself? KeenGamer got to speak with some of the team at Media Mo...

DREAMS wants to bridge every artistic medium together

Media Molecule have huge aspirations for Dreams, their video game that lets users create anything they want on PlayStation 4. During EGX Rezzed 2019, KeenGamer was able to speak with some team members...

Dreams Launching Creator Early Access This Spring

Under a lengthy development cycle from acclaimed curative studio, Media Molecule, Dreams is approaching broad horizons with its unique take on game design. Allowing players to construct creations only...

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