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Cradle of Links VR is being voiced over in Hollywood

The RELOADWORLD studio is glad to share the latest news about development of the Cradle of Links VR project! Here's what RELOADWORLD studio says about the Cradle of Links VR game development in their latest news piece: Today we receive...

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Is Cradle of Links the most ambitious VR title?

Crade of Links is a new VR horror title coming to HTC Vive. Is it the most ambitious VR title we have seen? Cradle of Links is a new VR title in development of the HTC Vive. You can view the first teaser for the game below: Here is a s...

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Divinity: OS EE Stream!

The Divinity Let's Play Stream continues! The Divinity stream will continue Monday-Wednesday-Fridays at 3:30pm (-7 gmt) (10:30pm utc) through to its completion. If you miss the live streams, you can catch the VODs when they are uploaded to ...

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Divinity: Original Sin – let’s play

Divinity: Original Sin - watch our first part of let's play video by Searc. Searc is playing the Enhanced Edition of Divinity: Original Sin. Below is the first part but today there will a long gameplay. Searc will be streaming at lest for f...

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