Dirt 5's Next Update Will Add Plenty of Free Content

Dirt 5’s Future Updates Will Add Plenty of Free Content

The long awaited major content update for Dirt 5 is on its way with new vehicles, tracks and features players have wished for. There's going to be something new for all players regardless version of the game and it won't disappoint the Dirt...

Complete Car List For Dirt 5, Including DLC Content Confirmed

Complete Car List for Dirt 5, Including DLC Content Confirmed

The full car list for Dirt 5 has been revealed, containing the best rally cars of each category. Whether you're into RallyCross or classic rallying, Dirt 5 got whatever you're wishing for. If those cars aren't enough, the game will be suppo...

Dirt 5 Gets A Second Delay

Dirt 5 Gets a Second Delay

The already delayed Dirt 5 is getting another delay. With less than a month until actual release, Codemasters announced on Twitter that the game must be delayed one more time. The wait is much longer than expected, but we're still looking a...

Build your own playground in Dirt 5

Build Your Own “Playground” in Dirt 5

Dirt 5 will receive a brand new feature called "playground", letting players creature their own track. Whether you want a fast track or a tricky one, it's all up to you. Dirt 5 lets you build your very own obstacle course to play around wit...

Dirt 5 has been delayed

Dirt 5 Has Been Delayed

Dirt 5 has officially been delayed, but there's no need to get worried at all. The release of Dirt 5 was just around the corner until Codemasters recently announced on twitter that the game will be delayed for only for a short time of perio...

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