Devil May Cry V PS4 Patch Removes Censorship in US Version

A new Devil May Cry V patch will remove censorship in the US version. The patch will also contain the Bloody Palace game mode. European versions, however, will still contain censorship. Yesterday, Devil May Cry V saw the release of Patch 1....

Devil May Cry V ships over 2 million copies

Devil May Cry 5 ships over 2 million copies. Capcom released information in a press release. The Series has now shipped over 19 million copies since 2001. Things have been looking up for Devil May Cry. After the poor sales of DmC: Devil May...

Devil May Cry 5 – Bloody Palace

Demon hunters prepare to get downright demonic. As Bloody Palace Mode will be available as a free update to all Devil May Cry 5 owners starting April 1, 2019 - this is not an early April Fool's gag. Devil May Cry 5 is receiving a new g...

Devil May Cry voice actor shot at during Guatemala filming

Reuben Langdon, the man behind Devil May Cry's Dante and Street Fighters' Ken, was able to avoid gunfire during an attempted car theft. The actor, along with associates Steve Copeland and Phil Lane Jr, were filming a documentary in Guatemal...

Devil May Cry V director considered Dragon’s Dogma 2

Game Director Hideaki Itsuno decides to make Devil May Cry V over making a Dragon's Dogma sequel. In an interview with, Devil May Cry V director Hideaki Itsuno said to have ideas in regarding a sequel to 2012's Dragon's Do...

Devil May Cry V Microtransactions Confirmed

Devil May Cry V, it was discovered at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, is confirmed to have microtransactions. These will serve to offer players purchase of Red Orbs so they can upgrade one of the three playable characters much more quickly. ...

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