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Deep Sky Derelicts Review

The search for the fabled mothership awaits in Deep Sky Derelicts! A game that blends retro, sci-fi comic book aesthetics with procedural generation and card turn-based combat. So how does the full re...

6.7 Fair

Deep Sky Derelicts Preview

Deep Sky Derelicts is a comic-book come alive trip through a grim dystopian future. A combination of turn-based card strategy and RPG sprinkled with roguelike elements. Does the combination work and i...

Image not Available

Deep Sky Derelicts swings on Steam EA very soon

The game is almost here, and you will be able to start your voyage through the dark and dangerous space of Deep Sky Derelicts where you will fight, talk, hack, persuade or deceive your way towards a c...

Image not Available

Huge 1C Giveaway! Win a key for Deep Sky Derelicts!

Great giveaway awaits you! Thanks to 1C we are giving away a total of 130 game keys! You can win many cool games, including the company's recently released on consoles Blackhole and upcoming Deep Sky ...

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