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Dead Island 2 Review PS5

Dead Island 2 Review: Gloriously Gory (PS5)

The highly anticipated and long awaited Dead Island 2 is finally here, bringing bloody carnage in its wake. With bone crunching combat and electrifying environmental details, the streets of HELL-A are...

8.5 Great
A Playable Build of Dead Island 2 Has Been Found By Fans

Dead Island 2 Leaks Uncover A Playable Build From 2015

Dead Island 2 has been in development since 2014 with no sight of a release date. However, fans of the franchise have unearthed a playable five-year-old build of the game. Originally uncovered on imag...

Dead Island 2 is still in development

After years of being in development hell, THQ CEO says that Dead Island 2 is still in the works. Has yet to release any other information about the upcoming title. According to a recent THQ Nordic fin...

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Detective Gallo Revives Classic Point-And-Click Genre

Inspired by classics like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle, Detective Gallo is a hand-drawn, cartoony adventure reminiscent of the old-school LucasArts point-and-clicks. Foot Prints, developer of...

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First gameplay video!

Watch first gameplay video of Dead Island 2! IGN is showing its first gameplay video so do not miss it!