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Battlerite’s Roadmap and Royale’s Beta Sign Up!

It was previously announced that Battlerite Royale would be a standalone game... which didn't sit well with the community. However, it was also said that the roadmap for the rest of the year would be ...

Battlerite Royale – A Standalone Game

After June 29th Dev's update on Battlerite Royale, there hasn't been much information to go on, we just knew they would not release it on July and that they were further expanding the idea which they ...

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Battlerite 1.7 patch notes are up!

After Battlerite's last Dev Update, which introduced a series of upcoming changes for the Season 3, by hand with the reasons behind them, the 1.7 patch notes have arrived with much more detailed tweak...

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Battlerite Season 3 Upcoming Changes.

Last Batterite's Dev Update was all about the competitive scene and how it'd change for season 2. Now, July 23 Battlerite's Dev Update comes with a few important updates and tweaks for the Ranked scen...

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Battlerite’s Pro-League Season 2 is Coming!

Battlerite's Pro-League Season 1 was pretty exciting in its own way, yet it was also kind of a prototype which received a lot of feedback from the game's community. Now, on July 13 Dev's update, they ...

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Battlerite Royale Delayed

The first tweet about the royale mode for Battlerite was full of controversy, but you could say it has had a generally positive response despite the BR fever that so many games are going through. As s...

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Battlerite version 1.6.1 patch notes are up!

The Battlerite Pro-League finals are on the horizon, yet that hasn't stopped the developers from tweaking some of their champions, including some already very much changed, like Zander, Bakko or Rook....

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Battlerite Royale Map revealed!

Battlerite Royale, to be released in July, caused quite a commotion when it was announced, when it was explained, and it will probably fan the flames now that it has revealed the concept art of its ma...

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Battlerite Season 2 begins today!

Battlerite's season 1 brought many updates and engaging changes, like the new sponsor system, ranking system and leaderboard system, but it shall come to an end this May 16, with a new patch which wil...

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