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New Battlefield Is Set In World War 2, Contains Loot Boxes

Electronic Arts revealed in early 2018 that the newest addition to the Battlefield franchise we will coming out this Fall/Autumn, but no concrete details regarding the game's period were revealed. How...

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Battlefield 1 DLC Map Is Going Free For Everyone

Who doesn't love freebies? Developer, DICE, have officially announced that Prise de Tahure, a Battlefield 1 map previously exclusive to owners of the Premium Pass or the They Shall Not Pass expansion,...

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EA Announces Battlefield 1 Expansion Details

EA announces the Battlefield 1 expansion "In the name of the Czar" releasing on September 2017. It will feature the Russian battlefront and an iconic "Women's battalion of death." Electronic Arts just...

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Battlefield 1 now has Hardcore mode!

War is hell, and hell just got even more real. Battlefield 1 has finally received the addition of Hardcore mode, a much-loved mode originating in Battlefield 2 designed to make the game punishingly di...

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Battlefield 1 Servers Down Again, Players Demand Refunds

Battlefield 1 servers are down again across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, and gamers are demanding their money back via Twitter. Confirmed by this publication, Battlefield 1 servers are d...

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How to Rank Up Faster as Each Class in Battlefield 1

Leveling up in Battlefield 1 can be a bit tough and time-consuming. Each role in the game can also be confusing and hard to rank up. Here's a guide on how to rank up each class faster as well as level...

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Battlefield 1 Review

What happens when a series that has been focused on the future of warfare goes back in time and decides to become a WW1 first person shooter. In short some amazing things. Battlefield 1 is a return to...

9.3 Amazing
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Battlefield 1 patch 1.02 released

Battlefield 1 has sold more than Hardline and 4 combined, and EA have recently released a patch for the game. Controller support fixed? Check. Graphical issues fixed? Check. No more zeppelin glitches?...

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You could be playing Battlefield 1 early

Battlefield 1 could be played early as of right now when you're reading this article.                   The hype, the gameplay, the extremely havoc heavy m...

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