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Battleborn players and devs are trying to save the game

Users of the Battleborn subreddit have organised a 'Battleborn Day' for tomorrow and developers Gearbox have gotten involved. Battleborn hasn't sold too well since launch and many of the pla...

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A Lead Writer on Battleborn Leaves Gearbox

Aaron Linde, who recently worked on the hero shooter Battleborn, has left Gearbox and will be heading to the Pacific Northwest for a new project. Aaron Linde, a lead writer for Gearbox’s Battleb...

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Next Battleborn plan announced by Gearbox

The latest Battleborn plan features the Alani Deep Dive post, a round of Hotfixes, the Community Spotlight, and the plans for next week. The latest Battleborn plan features the Alani Deep Dive post, a...

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Battleborn – first post-launch update released

The first update adds new Character, Skins, Taunts, and Hero Keys. Gearbox Software has released a detailed description of the first Battleborn update at their official blog. The first update adds new...

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Battleborn having more sales than Borderlands

"The launch has been pretty good," "We do a lot of comparisons back to the first Borderlands back in 2009. That launch felt similar to us." - Gearbox Software creative director Randy Varnell. “The lau...

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Battleborn – Vývojáři vyslyšeli fanoušky!

Od 4.května lze v Battleborn opakovaně spouštět intro cinematics postav. Ty šly přehrát do této doby pouze jednou. Řada fanoušků se však ozvala s prosbou, že např&ia...

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Battleborn – Thorn a Miko v Rock Band 4

Za postavy ze hry Battleborn - Thorn a Miko si budete moci již tento měsíc zahrát v hudební hře Rock Band 4. To vše v rámci květnového updatu, při kterém přibudou do hry na...

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Gearbox released Battleborn on all platforms

Being an experienced shooter developer, Gearbox Software has created their take on the 3rd person MOBA genre. Battleborn is out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Being an experienced shooter developer, Gearbo...

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Battleborn – infografika

Na oficiálním twitteru hry Battleborn byla zveřejněna zajímavá infografika k této multiplayerové first-person MOBA hře pro PS4, Xbox One and PC od studia Gearbox. Z ní se můžeme dočíst n...

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