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ARMS Online Open Tournament Coming This Month

The popular Nintendo Switch fighting game ARMS will be hosting an open online tournament this month for it's U.S. and Canada based players. The tournament will be available through ranked matches. Win...

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Max Brass DLC Trailer

The first piece of DLC for ARMS will be coming out later this month and will be completely free! Max Brass is the first new fighter for the Switch fighting game, and the new trailer shows off his stag...

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ARMS Review (Switch)

The only real fighting game that that Nintendo ever made that caught my eye was Smash Brothers. But now they are trying to make a new, unique fighting experience with ARMS, a fighting game that is rea...

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My Hour With ARMS

The demo for the upcoming fighting game ARMS recently passed. How did I enjoy my time in the ring? I didn't. The ARMS Global TestPunch has finally ended it's second run and players won...

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Nintendo Direct 5.17 Round-up

Nintendo released a twenty minute Nintendo Direct video focusing on the upcoming title ARMS. Multiplayer characters and more were revealed! But that's not all! Splatoon 2 showed off a new trailer a...

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