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ArcheAge – housing with more floors to build?

ArcheAge - housing with more floors to build? There are going to be a cash shop upgrade item in KR 1.8 Update which will allow you to upgrade your farm house or medium house to 2-stories and three different appearances. Take a look:

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ArcheAge – APEX buyable again

ArcheAge - APEX buyable again. ArcheAge is from the beginning fighting hard with botters, cheaters, hackers and exploits in general. And unfortunately common players were in the midst of this virtual battlefield. APEX is a ticket which can ...

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ArcheAge – launching in China next year

ArcheAge - launching in China next year. Chinese players will enjoy ArcheAge from July 2015. The game will be launched in the next region and with some new features. At least from what you can see in the video. And what about flying panda? ...

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ArcheAge – crashing servers at will of a player?

ArcheAge - crashing servers at will of a player? ArcheAge forums user "ArchegeDown" announced on Friday at the official forum that he can bring down any server he would like to. There was a big fuss and because nobody believed him...

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ArcheAge – what can you become?

ArcheAge - what can you become? MASSIVELY wrote quite a nice article about what you can become n ArcheAge. Of course you can grind the quests but there are not enough of them and the game is not set up primarily for this kind of endless act...

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ArcheAge – conquest of Auroria this November

ArcheAge - conquest of Auroria this November. New continent, dungeon, siege warfare and more will come on November 4th!  There will be six new zones with the launch of Auroria and four of them will be available for a guild to claim. So...

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ArcheAge – bounty hunting thoughts

ArcheAge - bounty hunting thoughts. MMOSITE imagines how would bounty system work in ArcheAge and if it would be for the good of all players. There are many arguable issues but in general having working sytem where players could put a rewar...

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ArcheAge – better services, more servers

ArcheAge - more capacity, bonuses and faster service. New update has been released today and there are many important news. 1. Server capacity There are 3 new worlds in NA. New servers for EU are on the way and should be ready on Tuesday. P...

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ArcheAge – news from the CEO

ArcheAge - news from the CEO. ArcheAge Launch Update: Capacities, Communication, and Where to Find Info: Yesterday the CEO wrote nice post in the official ArcheAge forum. What is inside? 1. Server capacities More hardware is on its way so n...

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ArcheAge Launch Date Announced

ArcheAge will launch on Tuesday, September 16. Trion has announced the launch date of ArcheAge. Open beta: September 4th – September 8th, start at 10:00 AM PDT Head start: September 9th – September 16th, start at 10:00 AM P...

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