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Anthem Players Report Major Crashes in PS4 Version

Anthem has seen its fair share of issues since its initial release, and recent news certainly won't help that. Players of the PS4 version of the game have reported hard crashes, and in some cases even having their consoles bricked. Bioware&...

Anthem is getting huge Day One Patch

Last week, Gamers who were EA Origin Access Premier subscribers were able to get their hands on Anthem, a week before the games launch. However, one common complaint that players are having with the game are the load times. These issues see...

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Anthem Confirmed for EA PLAY 2018

EA's next big game, Anthem, is due for some more coverage coming this June. See what Bioware has been up to this 9-11th June. The official Electronic Arts Twitter account has confirmed that Anthem will be shown off at this year&rs...

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