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Revisiting The Art of Anthem Upon The Game's Demise cover

Revisiting the Art of Anthem Upon the Game’s Demise

The book The Art of Anthem, which we'll be looking at here, is full of what fans had hoped to see at launch, and then with Anthem Next: undeniable originality and appeal. With those hopes for Anthem Next now dashed, let's peek at the massiv...

Can BioWares Anthem Disaster Be Saved?

Can BioWare’s Anthem Disaster Be Saved?

With BioWare’s latest offering being a stark failure compared to their stellar back catalogue, is there any hope of saving Anthem? Trying to revive the game may not even be possible at this stage. The question may rather be 'should they bot...

Dark Clouds Loom Over Anthem A Month Prior To Release

After an initial experience released in the form of a demo, players have reported to suffer from a variety of frustrating technical issues, ranging from infinite loading screens to being constantly kicked out of game servers. However, this ...