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Why Was Among Us Allowed to Be a Nominee for the 2020 Game Awards?

Let's talk about Among Us, a game with immeasurable popularity, and try and reason why it's a nominee for the 2020 Game Awards, despite being a 2018 release. While other games have been nominated despite not technically releasing this year,...

5 Factors Contributing to Among Us’ Surge in Popularity in 2020

As we near the exit of this year, it seems appropriate to look back on what factors led to Among Us' surge in popularity, despite being nearly a two-year old game. There are a few reasons Among Us rose in popularity in 2020, and the world w...

15 Games Like Among Us That Will Test Your Wits cover

15 Games Like Among Us That Will Test Your Wits

Looking for more multiplayer impostor games like Among Us? From space shenanigans, 1920s luxury ship manhunt, to twists on classic Mafia board game rules, here are the 15 best social deduction titles you can play with your friends. For the ...

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