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Gameforge announced release date for Aion’s next update

Lost Memories hits European servers this August. The latest expansion raises the level cap to 75 and has a lot of new content. The next update, Lost Memories, hits European servers of NCSOFT‘s M...

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Aion – ask Aion Episode 1 (for EU players)

Aion - ask Aion Episode 1 (for EU players). Nic, Product Director for AION Free-to-Play Europe, answers the most frequently asked and most important questions that the developers receive via Twitter #...

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Aion – Invasion update launches today

Aion - Invasion update launches today. Another free content update is here. Invasion introduces two new zones, two new dungeons, other world bosses to kill, and a new gear enhancement system. Daevas w...

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Aion – 5th Anniversary short video

Aion - 5th Anniversary short video. Let's watch a special thank you to the people who made this milestone possible.