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Thea: The Awakening

is a turn based strategic survival game inspired by Slavic mythology and folklore and set in a dark, postapocalyptic fantasy world of Thea. read more

Platforms PCXbox One
Developers MuHa Games...
Status: Released
Release: 28-Sep-2015

is a turn based strategic survival game inspired by Slavic mythology and folklore and set in a dark, postapocalyptic fantasy world of Thea.

Welcome to a postapocalyptic dark fantasy world infused with Slavic mythology and folklore, ready to be explored in 2015! 

Bringing together the well establishes Western Fantasy with the little known Eastern European flavours, Thea: The Awakening provides a bridge between different fantasy tropes and gaming conventions! In Thea, you will meet distinct, Slavic creatures like a devious Baba Yaga or a bloodthirsty Striga, but, even the better known Elves and Dwarves are altered by their life on the Eastern side of the world.Image title

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  • A survival game in a Fantasy setting with hexagonal, turn-based strategic gameplay!

  • Rich world inspired by Slavic Mythology with over 90 creatures currently roaming Thea!

  • Over 200 nonlinear, dynamic, story driven events that can grant you riches, or claim all you have!

  • Exciting card mini game used to resolve not only combat, but even diplomacy/disease/curses and more! And is directly connected to the gameplay and story, as your deck consists of the people you have available to you!

  • A procedural world with large world maps to explore, and over 47 different world resources!

  • Over 4000 items, all with an ability to either gather/harvest them in the world or craft from what you have collected!Multiple endings depending on game choices.

  • Rewards and unlocks that carry on to the next playthrough.Opportunity to become one of 8 Slavic God/Goddess, each with unique bonuses, and decide the fate of Thea!

  • Procedural creature instances – each creature, even in a swarm of spiders, has its own skill and stats!

  • Featuring, dynamic weather and day/night system influencing gameplay.

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The game combines elements of strategy with its turn based, isometric view gameplay, village and resource management and complex crafting system, with thousands of unique recipes, together with the survival elements through the postapocalyptic, dark setting, where everything is out to get you. Thea is filled with unique, mythical creatures lurking in every corner, but also other survivors, looking to take your life, your goods or both. Disease, curses or natural disaster can be just as bad, threatening your settlement's future at every turn. Our procedurally generated maps are different with every playthrough and offer a vast landscape, filled with many wonders to explore. Image title

One of the key ways of learning about the world, is through the story driven, dynamic events system that will lead you to solve the mystery of the world's peril and allow you to reach many different paths. The dialogue system has multiple, branching choices and multiple routes that will allow you to enjoy every playthrough. Depending on the party composition, or chance, the events will present different dialogue options or choices and unique ways to resolve any given situation.

Detailed information you can find in Game Guide.

The game is planned for PC-Steam Early Access in Fall 2015 followed by Xbox One release in 2016.



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