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is a bunch of new ideas in the world of sandbox assembled into one fascinating game. Published and released by Re-Logic game studio. read more

is a bunch of new ideas in the world of sandbox assembled into one fascinating game. Published and released by Re-Logic game studio.

is a bunch of new ideas in the world of sandbox assembled into one fascinating game. Published and released by Re-Logic game studio.

Initial Release

The game was originally developed for Windows platform, but with increased popularity Re-Logic begin adopting their game for other platfors. Terraria was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the end of March 2013 with exclusive content and special optimization for controller players. (All console versions were developed by Dutch studio Engine Software) On December 11, 2013 it was released on PS Vita.

Eventually, on August 29, 2013 the top-rated game on PC was brought to iOS, but with a huge lack of "Hardmode" part of it. Actually, there was no "Hardmode". Later, on August 28, 2014 it received a large update with lots of new content including "Hardmode" part. Terraria was also released on Android on September 13, 2013. Meanwhile, developers are still working on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game.

What's it all about?

You start with privitive equipment(Copper Sword, Pickaxe and Axe) in a procedurally generated world with no idea what to do. 

That's why you have such a great NPC nearby - Guide, who will help you and(logically) guide you through the game. He is your wikia and your "what do i do next"(just talk to him, he'll help). 

Things that are relevant in this game: your defense, DPS and your desire to beat the game. Build a proper house, mine all the ore out of nearest caves, actually go and explore the caves(lots of loot are hidden in the chests). 

There are lots of different underground areas, like Ice Caves, Jungle Caves, Corrupted(Crimzon) Caves. Your goal will be to get all the stuff out of the chests and survive :)

That is one way of getting your weapons and accessoires ready before some amazing Boss fights. However, you can always get lots of ore, make some cool weapons and armor and go explore the whole world of Terraria. 

Non-Player Character(NPC)

By killing specific monsters or achieving some in-game goals you can suddenly get some guest into your house, but remember that every NPC needs a room. 

For example. Merchant comes when you save 50 silver coins in your inventory, Dryad comes when you have defeated any Boss and Nurse spawns when you have used a least one Crystal Heart(they are permanently encreasing your health up to 400).

Usual NPC is a character that sells you something out of his inventory for the set price, but there also are some characters like Goblin Tinkerer that can reforge your accessoires or weapons(randomly change their additional effect).

Expert Mode

In the past update(1.3) developers added the expert mode which makes you think that you’re nothing in this game. Easiest zombie makes you cry and hide under the protection of your haywired house. So, what have changed?

  • New Boss fight mechanics.

  • Now you can’t just call your friends to help you kill Bosses. Their Health now increases depending on the number of players in game.

  • New cool items out of Treasure bags. (One of them, got from Wall of Fresh Treasure Bag gives you +1 permanent accessories slot)

  • All of the sudden, Slime Rain!

  • Poor you will be losing 75% of your gold.

  • Your natural regen is now impossibly debuffed and now you’ll have to create something eatable to gain Well Fed buff, which will make your Life regen to be ok.

  • Now, monsters have small chance to spawn right into your house!

  • Your enemies can actually steal your dropped gold, so you’ll have to retrieve it fast enough for them not to run away.


  • Updated events:

  1. The Pirate Invasion event has its own mini-boss. 
  2. The Blood Moon event now has some graphical changes and a couple of new monsters. (One drops really cool summoning Piggy, which is used as a portable chest)
  3. Now you can trigger the impossibly rare Solar Eclipse event using the Solar Tablet item. New monsters and items included.
  • New Martian Madness event triggered by sudden spawn of Martian Probe mob, that notices player and tries to get to the Outer Space biom. You can easily prevent the event by killing this monster.
  • New Lunar Event starts after killing Lunar Cultist boss.


In an October 2013 interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Spinks announced that he is planning a sequel, Terraria: 2.

Another game set in the Terraria universe, Terraria: Otherworld was announced in February 2015. According to the Re-Logic staff Terraria: Otherworld is not Terraria 2. Terraria: Otherworld is a story about a Terraria player who tries to purify his world of Corruption. 

This is to be achieved mainly by finding and activating "purifying towers". Some differences between This sequel and the original "Terraria" include more "PPG" elements such as a new strategy/tower defense gameplay element, a skill tree and an actual storyline to follow. The release date is set to be around 2015 for PC and Mac.



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