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TankZone Battle

is an online game focused on tank battles inspired by the principles of Counter Strike and on arcade gameplay. read more

Platforms MacPCLinux
Themes War
Developers LHGS...
Status: Released
Release: 30-Sep-2015

is an online game focused on tank battles inspired by the principles of Counter Strike and on arcade gameplay.

Fast action game!

- Fun gameplay

- Fast action

- Online Battles similar counter strike games

- Different tactics with different weapons (Light tank can win over Heavy tank)

- Destroyable environment

- Modern graphics

- Tank customization via buy menu in your base.

- 10 types of weapons and 3 specials (smoke, mines, tree branches on tank)

- 21 Different skins for better masking available (Classic camo or digital, forest, snow, mixed etc.)

- You can choose best combination of your masking and environment for better chance to survive

- You can hide your tank to the bushes! Enemies have not any gui before hit!

- Variable environments

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Tank battles of the future have just begun

Hello everybody! Let me introduce you my work which I’d like to share with you – fellow players - to spend free time with and to have fun with your friends in front of the computer or TV monitor.

How it all began

The idea for this game came from my wife when she asked me if it would be possible to create a simple game a la the old DOS game Tunneler to play in our free time.

That was when I started working on the game. It had taken weeks until I got the first results. The game was very simple and lacked basic features such as sound. However, it was pretty entertaining and we would spend a lot of time playing it so I decided to go on.

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How it’s going

Ever since its beginnings the game has been created as a online game for multiple players. I gave it life in form of a modern graphic look, basic sounds and control via keyboard or gamepad. Everything is constructed in a way that enables the player to control the whole game from the comforts of your couch via gamepad if the players choose to play on TV.

In conclusion

I hope the game has gotten your attention and that you’ll give it a chance. It has been created for the players - not for profit but for fun. I’m developing a game that people around me and I enjoy. That’s why I hope it’ll find its fans.




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