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Survive in Space

Survive in Space is a space shooter that is unique on almost every field of gameplay. read more

Platforms MacArcadePCLinux
Themes Sci-Fi
Developers Kupikey...
Status: Released
Release: 31-Dec-2016

Survive in Space is a space shooter that is unique on almost every field of gameplay.

We are a small indie game developer team which consists of 2 programmers, 2 concept artists, a 2d animator and our director. We love space games and so we made a space shooter that stands out above all of the other ones. The main goal of our game is to have a lot of fun while blowing many different enemies up, engaging in brutal and challenging boss fights, upgrading your ship and spells till you exceed the power of a god and have a story which will pull you in and give you pleasure for countless hours. 

Survive in Space - Shooting enemies


In the spirit of indie games, we will make this game big, with many hours of gameplay for a reasonable price. The game is featuring 50 different and unique levels, each level and enemy is carefully designed and programmed to 
give you as much fun as it's possible. The game is designed to fit any player, from the beginners all the way to the skilled ones. We have different difficulty settings to make the game challenging as much as you want. You need to fight your way trough 9 levels of different enemies that spawn in waves. Your goal is to survive all the waves to finish the level. After each ninth level you unlock a boss level, which in the end, gives you 5 amazing boss fights with many different phases and mechanics. 


Survive in space features 20 different and unique enemies and 5 amazing bosses. As you progress through the game, you will face new enemies and combinations of them in each level. 
Each enemy has a range of many different mechanics, in short there are 3 types of enemies: "Defensive" enemies are not so dangerous but they have mechanics which will make it harder for you to kill other enemies. "Offensive" enemies are the ones that are more dangerous, but they are easy to kill. "Supportive" enemies help other enemies during combat, but they don't do any harm to the player, instead they are annoying with their presence. Bosses are quite unique and use all kinds of foul tricks to destroy the player. 


Our main goal is to make a unique space shooter that provides the player with fun and easy to master Player mechanics. Our biggest difference to other space shooters is your Ship which has a lot of amazing abilities. One of the abilities is that the player can switch from offensive to defensive stances during combat which will give him different attacks.
Survive in Space - Arcade space battles

The Story

Many years ago, an alien race called the Chronicles enslaved the human race. They tortured and brainwashed them and created an army of slaves. 
You play in the role of Sasaki, a young soldier who discovers his people's past in a temple during a mission. He realizes that he was fighting for the wrong people. In a moment of weakness he meets the shadow, a being full of hatred which grants him the power to destroy the chronicles. 

OFFENSIVE Stance - when you activate that stance you move a lot quicker and deal an insane amount of damage. You also have long ranged orbs that burn each enemy you hit. But you have to use it wisely because, during that stage you are very weak and really easy to kill, unless you have really good reflexes to dodge every enemy attack. 

DEFENSIVE Stance - in this stance you have the feeling like you are driving a tank, and you have blue orbs which protect you from every harm. These orbs use a portion of your health and they respawn really fast, also their shield regenerates quickly but your biggest problem is your damage. 

The goal of the game is to combine the Offensive and Defensive stances and use them when needed. If you stick only to a one stance you will surely die, and sometimes you need to make a lot of damage in Offensive stance or you will be overwhelmed by the enemy swarms, or sometimes it's much better to be in defensive stance or the enemies projectiles will blow you up. 

Each stance features 3 different spells which serve as the main damage, which are: 
  • Laser shot - a single laser bullet that serves as a form of "basic" attack 
  • Laser beam - a laser beam that hits the first enemy in it's path and toasts it 
  • Homing energy - a couple of waves of pure energy that goes from your ship and searches for enemies, tracks and nukes them.


For each level which you manage to complete you earn many rewards which are sorted in three main groups: 


By killing the enemies, the player gains experience and levels. Each level gives you one upgrade point. There is no limit to the players level and the experience needed to get another level is fair, and will make you always feel like you can get stronger by playing (after level 100 you won't need stupid long amounts of gameplay to get another level, instead you will get a level for about each 10min of your gameplay). 
Every time you level up, you will be able to upgrade the Player in the following ways: 
  • Shield - Increases the current Players shield 
  • Shield regeneration - Increases the current Players shield regeneration 
  • Evasion - Gives the player a chance to dodge the damage from enemy abilities 
  • Cooldown reduction - Reduces the cooldown for all of your abilities 
  • Bonus damage - Increases all of your damage 
  • Enemy slow - Your attack slows down the enemies movement and attack speed


Each of your main damage spells has their own talent tree. For completing a level you unlock different Ability upgrade points. The talent tree is quite unique because it allows you to power up your spells in millions of different ways and each combination rewards you in it's own special way. 
You need to spend 4 Ability upgrade points in Minor Ability upgrades, then you can spend 2 Major Ability upgrade points, which you can repeat 3 times for each spell. 
Minor upgrades are (those upgrades are for the specific Ability only): Increased bonus damage, Decreased cooldown, Lifesteal, Bonus Experience on kill, Chance to instant kill, Chance to stun the enemy 
Major upgrades are (those upgrades are for the specific Ability only): Critical strike chance, MultiShot, Damage increase, Chance to leave Damage over Time on enemy that burns them over couple of seconds, Increased critical strike damage 


On the beginning of the game you will be able to choose one of the 5 different Player ships where each of them has different positive and negative benefits. The player ships can be switched at any time you want from the Upgrades panel. By playing with one of the Player ships you gain "Mastery" points for killing enemies with that ship. By gaining enough mastery points you unlock the Ships specific passive bonus, There are up to three passive bonuses. 
There are countless ways you can combine a Player ship with Upgrades and Abilities to fit your play style. You can have a defensive or offensive build strategy and each of them has it's good and bad sides. 


The complete game, from backgrounds, the planets, ships, bosses and UI is hand drawn from our amazing artists, which will give you the best possible gameplay experience for a 2D Space shooter. Each enemy, boss, player ship, Player and Bosses portraits are animated with a lot of different animation types. Our programmers added countless effects on different bullets, lights, explosions, hit effects, casts of abilities. Performance wise the game is polished as much as it's possible for a 2d space shooter with a lot of effects and thus it's able to run on almost every low end PC.



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