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is a free-to-play massively-multiplayer online first-person shooter in development by Vostok Games. read more

Platforms PC
Developers Vostok Games...
Status: Released
Release: Q4 2015


is a free-to-play massively-multiplayer online first-person shooter in development by Vostok Games.

The game takes place around the year 2026 after a series of environmental disasters. Mankind has been all but wiped out by new ecological diseases and mutated animals. Nature has been twisted and transformed into an impassable forest.

Players take the role of one of the survivors of the New World, undertaking trips into the ruins to uncover the truth of the disaster and find a way to cope with the anomalies spreading across the planet.Image title

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Gameplay is primarily first-person shooter based, with elements from role-playing games. Players can aim and shoot at others through the eyes of their character using a variety of real-world weapons.

Players work to complete tasks for the various factions in the game, earning money, reputation and experience. They can then distribute experience among skills to increase their character's performance in certain areas: shooting, medical and survival skills, as well as their general purpose characteristics such as health and stamina.Image title

Game modes:

  • Teamplay (PvP)

  • Free play (PvE)

  • Cooperative game (Co-op)

Teamplay is the main adversarial mode in Survarium, featuring two different varieties. The basis of the mode is two teams of up to 8 players facing off in smaller, combat-oriented maps. Each team has a set of spawn points, or base, on opposite ends of the map and rounds last up to 15 minutes at a time. It shares similarities with typical Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes found in other games.

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Free play mode attempts to provide a more atmospheric adventure for players. Players have only one life and begin in one of many starting positions on a large map full of destroyed industrial complexes, dead houses and the impassible woods. Their main goal is to survive and reach one of the level's many exits.

Survival is an important aspect of this mode. Every player is free and plays for themselves, they can decide who to help and who to fight against. Players are free to travel alone or band together into groups to increase their chances of survival.

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In Cooperative mode, the player will accomplish strings of successive missions together with up to four of their friends or random teammates. The missions vary considerably, some of the possible types are research, defense, accompanying a convoy, searching for an artifact, researching anomalies and more.

This mode is the area of the game which will be the most focused on the lore and story of the New World. An interesting aspect of the mode is that the events of the next mission will depend on how the player completed the previous one. Also, the difficulty of each proceeding mission is much higher than that of the previous one.

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In Survarium, locations are the maps used when playing the various game modes. Most maps are designed to be relatively large, with multiple routes through the area and accomodating for many types of gameplay. Teamplay will feature smaller maps designed around PvP combat, where as Free play and Cooperative will feature larger, more expansive maps.

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On 13 May 2013, the alpha test started in Russian-speaking territories. The alpha launched internationally a few weeks later.

The closed beta testing is currently in progress for the PvP mode although it does not even have 50% of the planned content implemented. Every minute, a user on the official Survarium website is chosen to participate in the beta test.

The game will be available completely free of charge but will also offer microtransactions aimed to support players' experiences with bonuses such as increased levelling speed, enhanced statistics and organised tournaments.



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