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is a new indie adventure and puzzle game with a touch of minigolf gameplay. read more

Platforms MacPCLinuxSteamOS
Themes Steampunk
Developers Anticto...
Status: Released
Release: 19-Feb-2016

is a new indie adventure and puzzle game with a touch of minigolf gameplay.

Steamroll is the first independently developed game for Anticto. The game is a steampunk 3D puzzle game with elements of strategy and adventure. 

You help the junior engineer escape a collapsing mine by solving puzzles and shooting steamballs from your vehicle to create ramps, walls, activate triggers, blow things away, and more.

You drive the Scarabeus a rolling vehicle that can also shot “steamballs” to deploy equipment, activate triggers or blow this up. You are trapped in a collapsing mine and have to fight your way out to survive.

The Scarabeus

Half beetle, half armadillo, this amazing rolling vehicle can transform and deploy itself into certain bases. This allows you to fill the steam tank and, most important, to shoot steamballs.

In its shooting form, the Scarabeus is connected to an underground resources tank. From there, you'll have to find out the best angle to solve the puzzles this mine proposes. Precision and calculus are needed to push buttons, activate switches and open doors.


These small spheric devices can be shot in several angles and intensity. You'll have to be careful using them, you'll have a limited amount of resources in each deployment base. Steamballs can be filled with latest technology inventions, which will deploy after the steamball is shot.

Walls will allow you to create surfaces in which steamballs will bounce. Explosives might be very useful to get rid of garbage and obstacles and a ramp is the best way to reach higher places.



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